Lenten Devotional // Fourth Sunday

Sunday, March 27


What is the simplest way to be more like Jesus? Being of service. Jesus’s ministry was characterized by consistent care and attention given to others. Although today I can’t expect to have even a fraction of the impact had by Jesus via service, I can dedicate my  most valuable resource, my time, to serving those around me. By consistently dedicating my time and energy to the service of others, I have learned that my relationship with Jesus and those around me continues to grow stronger.

God has graced us all with unique gifts and it is our responsibility to apply those gifts to benefit the world around us. I will be the first to admit, there are countless serving jobs around the church that I am not cut out for. On Sunday morning you will not see me singing on stage, working in children’s ministry or running any audio visual equipment. Luckily, God has given those gifts to others, and I am grateful for their willingness to step up and serve. My responsibility as a follower of Christ is to apply the skills that I do have to advance the Kingdom of God and in doing so grow my own personal relationship with God.


Almighty God, please allow me to be a conduit of your grace. Help me with the willingness to offer my skills to benefit your kingdom. Amen.

A practice to try this week

This week, I commit to work toward the advancement of the Kingdom of God by applying my skills to benefit not only the church, but the world around me. I will do one simple act that I would not normally do to benefit someone other than myself.

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