Lenten Devotional // Fifth Sunday

Sunday, April 3

Why are talks of money so hard? Why do they make me so uncomfortable? In a world where accumulation of resources carries so much social value, it is hard to trade those resources for something intangible. For me, in order to open my heart to giving, I had to first let go of the transactional expectation that I have associated with money for so long. As with any practice, I had to start with what I was comfortable with and be consistent. Then as my comfort level grew and my heart opened, I was able to grow in my giving. I have to remind myself that I am not entitled to wealth or prosperity, that I do not own anything. I am simply a steward of resources.

I must admit that there have been times when I have regressed and lowered my giving because I allowed expectations or hurt to guide my actions. I must allow myself to receive God’s grace and grow, recognizing that growth is not linear. Even when I regress, I must remain consistent in the understanding that I am but a steward.

What areas in my life has consistent practice allowed for growth? Am I willing to view giving in the same way?

Almighty God, please help me with the willingness to consistently give with an open heart. Help me remember that I am but a steward of my financial resources and let go of the transactional expectation that I associate with money. Amen.

A practice to try this week:
This week I commit to being conscious of areas where consistent practice has helped me grow. I commit to be willing to see my financial resources in the same regard.

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