3 Misunderstandings of Easter that Impact You

Easter is definitively a holiday to be celebrated. It’s a day of new life and abundant joy. As wonderful as the good news of a risen Jesus is, there is even better news if we can glance beyond this incredible day.

Here are 3 Misunderstandings of Easter that Impact You.

1. It's one day

While the celebration of Easter has become one joyful day for many people, the truth of Easter is an everyday celebration. A resurrected Jesus reveals to humanity a reality that has been around from the beginning of time. God’s divine love for people and desire to be with them is ever present and not even death can triumph over that love. 

Instead of seeing Easter as a singular occurrence of good news, it is more fitting and even better news to understand Easter as the manifestation of an everyday reality. God’s love has been, is, and always will be more near than you can imagine, and nothing in the cosmos can stop it. Every time you experience sacrificial love on the behalf of others, may you be reminded that the new life promoted at Easter is readily available everyday.

2. Only Jesus rose

Yes, the crux of the resurrection narrative is that Jesus rose from the dead. However, we fail to recognize that Jesus wasn’t alone in his resurrection. Jesus was filled with Christ. We believe that Jesus was fully man and fully divine. Jesus was the manifestation of God on Earth. He was the evidence that God desires to live within humanity. If Jesus was anything other than a regular human filled with Christ then the good news of Easter wouldn’t be as powerful for you and me. The resurrection of Christ in Jesus is of utmost importance. It’s what makes him divine. 

That morning that the tomb was found empty means that every human being filled with Christ will come to experience, know and believe in life winning in the end. The rising of Christ is the rising of everyone who can believe it’s already true in themself too.

3. It only happened in the past...and only impacts your future

Easter is often perceived as a celebration of actions that Jesus took in the past that somehow divinely impact your future. Seen as occurrences that hold significance for two seemingly separated times in one's life, but having little to do with the messy middle. Is that fair to say? While this may be partially true, it fails to reflect the full richness of resurrection.

Think about this: after Jesus was resurrected, he returned to the disciples with holes in his hands. He had come back to life, but he hadn’t lost his humanity or the trappings of it. The work of Christ was active in Jesus’ life without doing away with realities of his humanity. The implication of such a return is that Easter is for HERE and NOW.

In the midst of your pain, suffering and sorrow, the work of Christ has the ability to resurrect you and bring you new life. It doesn’t need to do away with your broken parts. Instead Christ’s ability to rise from death redeems those broken pieces and claims you as whole just as you are.

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