Uncomplicating the “God” Question to Simplify Spirituality

Being uncertain of what/who God is isn’t a sign that you don’t believe. It’s a sign that you are open to where God is already working in your life.

by Tyler Curtis
Sometimes our uncertainty about our faith, religion, or spirituality (especially specific beliefs) can feel like a symbol of lack of faith. I remember a time where every question I had about God felt like I was committing a sin. It wasn’t until I worked with a Rabbi from Chabad that I began to understand a new way of looking at God’s presence in my life. It was the willingness to listen to an outsider that actually brought me closer to Jesus.

Your limits should give you comfort

There’s a saying, or rather promise, that “God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.” There’s a lot of powerful forces in the world: government, weather, gravity, the economy. Sometimes these forces of nature (or politics) can feel impossible to control. 

You are limited by your humanity and mortality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play your part in influencing the things around you. Praying to God and asking for help in changing your bad habits can relieve the pressure of doing it all on our own. Your limits are an opportunity for great impact and a great place to start looking for the presence of a Higher Power working in your life.

Things being out of our control in your life are a direct opportunity to see God working alongside you. When it’s too much for you, you can trust that God is playing Their part.

Uncertainty isn’t a scary word

It can be easy to expect God to provide answers to everything, especially when it comes to who God is, what God is doing for you, and even why God exists! It can feel really heavy to wrestle with these questions on your own. While there are no easy answers to our questions, there is an important truth to grasp.

God is often understood as omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. That’s a fancy way of saying all knowing, ever present, and all powerful. This reality of Divine Love means that it pretty much runs the show. At the foundation of your uncertainty, love is with you, it’s in control and it’ll never be overcome. 

In place of words like fate, destiny, chance, do your best to see it as love performing its unfathomable existence right before your eyes. It’s God working in ways that we can’t yet know because Their power is greater than our understanding.

Your ignorance is an opportunity for growth

Acknowledging the things you can’t explain is the first step to getting out of your own way. Needing to know the answers to everything can limit the things you’re open to. Becoming comfortable with not knowing will free us to experience God in new ways.

The fact that human minds can’t comprehend everything that God is and does is really a blessing in disguise. If people were able to completely understand God and Their presence in the world, wouldn’t that essentially bring God down to their level? 

God is watching over you and protecting you in ways you’ll never understand. Love’s simple presence in your life is more than enough to satisfy your thirst for answers. The best part is that it doesn’t stop there! When you can see God working in your life, it’s a beautiful reminder that the Power over us has our back even when we’re not sure of Them.

Take the simple solution

The most important take-away is that you shouldn’t overcomplicate the presence of God. Accept that God will meet you where you are, and expect Their presence in unexpected ways. Trying to define a concept that is beyond your understanding will only stand in the way of your relationship with the Power over you. Letting God work in your life will bring you closer to them, and that relationship is more powerful than any knowledge.

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