Investing in Future and Faith Through New Opportunity

When we allow space for growth, we are able to see new chances for our faith to come into action. When we give up control it allows God to work in our lives.

by Samantha Yoder
When I talk to people about moving to St. Louis, it’s usually met with a lot of confusion and questions of “why?” I moved here in September 2020 – yes right in the middle of the pandemic. I realized during those months of the world being shut down that I wanted to grow outside of my small hometown. I was looking to explore new places (when they reopened), and I wanted to expand my viewpoint of the world. 

The decision to move was made quickly. I am usually an overthinker, so I did not give myself the time to sit with the decision. Instead I said yes, and within a weekend I accepted a job and found a new apartment. I was leaving behind the comfort of my family, small town, and everything I had ever known. 

However, by not overthinking the situation, I gave space to allow God to work in that decision. I knew I was ready for a change. I had outgrown Illinois and was ready for the next thing. While it was unfortunate that it happened during a pandemic (which meant  moving when nothing was open), I am thankful God gave me the space to grow in a new community. I was forced out of my comfort zone and straight into the unknown.

There is growth that comes in the uncomfortable

In most of my life when I stepped out of my comfort zone, I have seen the most growth in myself. When I have created the space for God to work in my life instead of leaning into the comfort of what I’ve known, I have seen amazing things happen. In the two years since moving here, I have seen more independence, confidence, and strength in myself than ever before. I have allowed myself to stop trying to control things and instead allowed God to work in those situations.

Trust the process of growth

In times when lots of change is happening, I tend to get anxious which leads to overthinking – which then leads to being even more anxious. I have to stop and remind myself that I need to allow God space to move in my life. When I invite God into those spaces rather than trying to control them, I am giving him access into my life. There is growth happening when I trust that God is doing something with me in that space. I just have to remind myself to pause and allow Him to work instead of controlling everything that happens around me.

Allow opportunity for new spaces

One of the important things I have learned in this adventure is that I have to allow space for new things. When I lived in my hometown, my evenings and weekends were filled with family gatherings, birthday parties, etc. But in St. Louis, I had to find new ways to fill my time. I made new friends, found new places to hang out, and started new hobbies that I enjoy. This has given me time to evaluate what God is doing in my life here in St. Louis. 

What I have learned in this new season is that I have to be pushed outside of my comfort zone to allow the space for new things to happen. It allows me to lean into God’s calling for myself and to see where He guides. If I had stayed in the same place, I would not have had all these opportunities here in Saint Louis. 

Allow yourself the space to try new things because you never know when new experiences will pop up. When you create chances for those opportunities, you will see God work in your life.

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