My Mountain Top Moment // M-Note 9.30.22

I often ask people, “What is a mountain top moment you’ve had at The Gathering.” Mountain top moments are those occasions when God breaks through to us in a special or unique way. Last Sunday was a mountain top moment for me. I shared a message about why commitment is important and how committing our lives to Jesus and to a church can transform and change us. At the end of the message, we invited people to come forward for baptism, as well as to join The Gathering in membership. What happened next was powerful. People started to come forward, each one with a story of what God was doing in their life and a reason why they were ready to commit. Gavyn from our Webster site is one such story. Listen to what his family shared on social media about the day:
I am in awe of the ways that God can still sneak in and surprise me. Our 12-year-old, Gavyn, got baptized yesterday at The Gathering: Webster Site! This kid is truly a miracle. I have found myself standing by his bedside in the hospital praying quiet prayers over him far too many times in his young life. I love him so much. The doctors and the world said he should not have even made it to his first birthday. God and Gavyn had other plans. I watched him step into the baptismal waters, and I felt a rush of the Holy Spirit wash over me and tears ran down my face. Thank you Pastor Matt Miofsky for the gift of this moment for our family.
Here are Amanda’s words about yesterday: “An amazing little surprise yesterday. When we walked into church, the baptismal was out, and I knew. I knew there would be an open invitation, and Gavyn would jump at it. He’s talked about getting baptized with me for some time now. Sure enough, as soon as Pastor Matt talked about it, Gavyn was ready. He practically jumped from his seat and ran to the front. He replied with a hearty, “Yes, Sir!!” When asked if he was ready to follow Jesus. When he came out of the water, he threw his arms in the air, and the church exploded with applause. I cried like a baby.
Remember when he was born, and we weren’t sure he’d come home from the hospital? I’ve been certain all those days he spent “asleep” he was in Jesus' lap chillin. His baptism proved this. That kid has a call on his life.
In total 35 people were baptized or reaffirmed their baptism and 82 people made a commitment to become members of The Gathering. What is even more powerful is that each person has a story like Gavyn’s, a story of how God is moving in their life in this church. It was an incredible day. To all of you that made commitments, I am grateful for you, and we are here to support you. For all the rest of you, thank you for being part of a church that is changing lives. God is moving through you and through this church in mighty ways.
P.S. This Sunday, The Gathering Webster Site is launching new worship services!  The new times are at 9:30 and 11am, and I will be there to celebrate at both services. If you have been thinking of checking out the Webster site, this is a great Sunday to come.
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