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Words To Live By: Week 5
by Sarah Turner on October 29th, 2022
They say it takes 17 muscles to smile (usually in comparison to the 43 it takes to frown). But still, 17 is more than you would expect.  It seems like smiling should qualify as an aerobic workout, yet it is one of the most effortless facial expressions we have as people.  So many times, a smile is uncontrollable, and it is most often a signal that we are happy.  Now happiness is truly a gift from ...  Read More
Words To Live By: Week 2
by Sarah Turner on October 8th, 2022
Words to Live By - Week 2On FriendsWelcome! Cue the Golden Girls theme song…this week we’re talking about friendship! Scripture contains more wisdom about friendship than you might expect. God cares about who we surround ourselves with and how we show up in those relationships. We hope that your conversations about friendships will also help deepen the relationships you are building within your Co...  Read More
Redefining Our Money Relationship: A Faith-Built Perspective
by Tyler Curtis on October 3rd, 2022
Money isn’t inherently bad, but it takes intentionality to have a healthy relationship to money.  Read More
Words To Live By: Week 1
by Tyler Curtis on October 2nd, 2022
Words To Live By: Part 1Week of October 2Welcome!Inevitably, there is a moment in one's life when all of sudden you become hyper aware that there is a grown up decision that needs to be made and you are the grown up. You may look around the room just to be sure you are reading the situation correctly and then it hits you. The decision is important and it's up to you. The flow chart of the experien...  Read More