Creating Margin // M-Note 5.5.23

God calls us to live with margin in our lives. Margin is the gap between our load and our limit. The principle of margin applies to all aspects of our lives. Financial margin means not spending everything we make but instead saving some money. Margin in our time means not booking or scheduling every minute of the day. Relational margin means not over promising too many people in our life that we are destined to disappoint some of them. Emotional margin means not taking on so much that it overloads our system with stress. You get the idea.
Why does God want us to live with margin? Margin creates space for our lives to flourish. Margin creates space in our lives for what is most important. Margin in our time creates space for us to respond to the needs of a friend or connect with people that are important to us. Margin in our schedule allows us to deal with the unexpected and absorb the surprises that inevitably happen in life. Margin in our finances allow us to be generous, to give, and to live less stressed. Margin in our emotional energy allows us to have enough in our tank to be available to the people that need us. Margin gives us space to deal with the important but not urgent work in our lives. Margin allows us room to imagine, to create, and to connect. Margin makes room to serve others and care for ourselves.
Even as I write that, it sounds good but unrealistic. But, it is not. Sabbath is God’s commanded rhythm for our life, and one of the surprising gifts it offers us is margin. Trusting God by living this rhythm opens our lives up and is a doorway to other blessings. This week, reflect on the concept of margin. Create that space between your limit and your load. If it feels overwhelming, pick one area of your life, and start small. As you gain traction, keep going by creating space in more areas of your life. As you do, you will find that life opens up in surprising ways.
This weekend, I am ending our series on Burnout. Some of us aren’t burning out. We actually like the busy lives we live. Some of us are stretched thin but our lives are full of good things. This last week, I will talk to those of you who aren’t in a place of burnout. We will explore the way that Sabbath isn’t just rest FROM life, but it is rest FOR the lives that we are called to live. The whole Burnout series is online. I encourage you to share it with someone who might need it and invite them to join you as we end the series.
P.S. In a couple of weeks (May 14), we will have a commitment Sunday at The Gathering. If you are curious about becoming a member of The Gathering or getting baptized, this is the time to do it! You can sign up here and one of our pastors will be in touch with you.
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